House #148

Who’s House Is It?

House #148 is a Remodel
with the Ortiz Family.
It is a 3-bedroom 1 1/2 bath.

Sponsored by:

Housing Finance Authority of Polk County

Wells Fargo Bank


What Are We Working On? 


This house was dedicated August 31st. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave their time


When Can You Volunteer?
To schedule a day to volunteer contact
Suzanne at 863 292-2256 or through
our web site Contact Form.

Why Not Volunteer Now?
To get started simply fill out a
Volunteer Registration Form and
and bring the form with you to the job site.
It is that easy!

How Can You Help?
For more information on VOLUNTEERING,
please call our offices at 863 292-2256.
We will be happy to assist you!

Photo Gallery

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Cars for Homes

If you would like to learn more about this program please click the link above to view information from Habitat for Humanity International.